Looking for expert Flex® developers?


Flex is an open source framework offered by Adobe for developing Rich Internet Applications. It seeks to minimize the challenging animation language that Flash® was originally built with by using an XML-based language, making it easier for many application developers to layout and built GUI’s. Additionally, interactivity is made possible by use of the programming language ActionScript.

More about Flex

Adobe Flex has become a popular custom development environment framework for RIA’s. Like AJAX, Flex allows for asynchronous data loading, where the client doesn’t have to refresh the whole page for changes made to the Flex application. Flex also allows for consistent, cross-browser and desktop application compatibility. Software applications can be built using the open source framework, or using the new Flex Builder ™ 3 software, a highly productive development environment. RIAs created with Flex can run in the browser using Adobe Flash Player® software or on the desktop on Adobe AIR™, the cross-operating system runtime.

iSoft land has a depth of knowledge of the Flex SDK through our Creative Services team which includes graphic designers and developers, working together to create for our clients RIA’s that are both attractive and user-friendly. Read examples of our solutions we have created for other clients.