Being the most popular web development platform, HTML5 has been used everywhere -website development, smartphone


applications development etc.  It’s a magnificent technology that enhances the overall experience of the user and allows for better functionality by offering a lot of options and solutions that were seriously lacking.  It offers better integration of multimedia and advanced graphics as well as interactive capabilities.  Some of the wonderful features provided by HTML5 are enhanced context menus, advanced client-server communication channels, direct-mode graphics canvas, embedded audio and video tags, great semantics, sandboxed iframes, local storage and various features for offline applications.

Another major appeal of HTML5 is that it is supported over all major browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, etc.  It runs smoothly on different platforms, and it is now supported in all major mobile devices.

Isoftland provides efficient and excellent HTML5 development services to help clients stay ahead of the pack by deploying the latest advances in this technology to their advantage.

Our team of  web developers & designers have rich knowledge and experience in developing marvelous user interfaces for web & mobile over HTML5.  We incorporate the latest in design standards to ensure creating engaging and compelling experience to customers and help you upgrade your business to the next level.

Isoftland’s experienced mobile development team has profound expertise in building regular or mobile optimized web content using HTML5.  Our developers have good understanding on all mobile considerations like screen size, PPI, screen orientation, touch interface, mobile hardware etc.

  • Writing, testing and debugging standards-compliant code in multiple browsers and platforms
  • Ability to incorporate Adobe CS files and  create a unified, functional experience on web and mobile platforms
  • Expert knowledge of HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery