Need an Expert Java Programmer?

1368303515_JavaAmadeus Consulting is an expert in Java development. As enterprise development solutions providers, we have the broad range of expertise in the Java development environment among many others.

Our team of custom application developers can help you decide what platform and language is right for your business, and help you integrate your applications within most any platform. We have developed hundreds of successful custom applications for our clients.

More about the Java Platform

The Java development platform is widely used in custom applications for desktop, Web and mobile platforms.

The Java development platform is available in multiple forms:

  • Java EE (originally J2EE) for software application development
  • Java ME (originally J2ME) for mobile application development
  • Java SE (originally J2SE) standard edition

Advantages of Java Development:

  • Flexibility
    Choose from any hardware, operating system and middleware
  • Automation
    Can manage lower level technologies C, C++ and Objective-C
  • High Active User Base
    Leverage existing APIs and open source libraries
  • Scalability
    Ability to increasingly scale from small to enterprise level software
  • Open Source
    No cost to develop in Java programming language