iSoft land covers digital marketing, media and commerce, providing essential insights that help companies navigate the
fast-changing digital landscape.

Why? iSoft land gives companies something no one else does. And it stems from a simple core philosophy that pervades everything we do:

No single person, research company or analyst could possibly have all the right answers about where the digital world is going.

In a fast-changing world, the best answers always come from relying on Collective Wisdom. This philosophy is the basis for our coverage of the digital marketplace.

It’s more effective to rely on multiple perspectives, rather than singular opinion—especially considering the pace of change in digital marketing.


First, we collect information from thousands of data sources. We also interview thousands of industry leaders. Then we carefully review all of it, deciding what research makes sense. And what doesn’t.

In other words, we read thousands of research reports. So you don’t have to.

But we don’t simply give you all of that data. We also compare it. For example, our forecasting team analyzes data from dozens of sources. And that’s how they create .

Next we put all the information we’ve collected, curated and compared into context. For example, an iSoft land report on social media represents our team’s analysis of all the available data on the subject.

We also make sure this information is easy to access. It’s why iSoft- land has an entire product development team focused on one idea: Convenience.

All information from iSoft land is available to users anytime, anywhere. It is incredibly easy to use.